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This heart is compressed
And aches in odd places;
The fear left behind
Caved in empty spaces. 
I can’t take it back
I can’t let it go;
My mind wanders off,
My thoughts running slow. 
Beyond all the rage
Lies weary, in wait,
A self-preservation
Combined with self-hate. 
Suffocated, frenzied 
Numbed and abhorred;
Secrets kept silent, 
Smothered and ignored. 
I shouldn’t consider
These plagues from the past,
But they haunt from within, enslaved, so they last. 
How much can it take,
This heart, turned to stone;
This vision of muscle,
Now petrified bone?
It’s corruption, a mark 
Of a lie all-too sung:
Love is a game
Of flesh, bone, and fun.