Wrap me up
from all of this.

It hurts too much to breathe.

Fix the trembling in my lips.
Seize the moment,
steal that kiss.

I won’t run away.

Furnish all my insides
With simple words of praise.

Build me up,
Bring me hope,
Promise me you’ll stay.

Tell me that you love me.
And look into my eyes.

Claim your territory,
Help me recognize
That I am more than something,
Something insignificant and small.

Tell me I am beautiful,
Catch me when I fall.

Breathe into me honesty.
Fortify my strength.
Pick me up and
Let me know that I am someone great.

Handle me with kindness.
Gently love me day and night.
Open up your soul to me,

Trust me with that rite.

We can be one beating heart,
One quiet, steady breath.

Find the perfect moment.

I can wait.
We will last.

Just know that I am hurting…
My heart’s suffered in the past.