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I had to walk away

There was poison
In the air
And festered wounds
And heavy

Wrapped in paper
Bows of pink
And white
And grey

I had to walk away

From scaly teeth
That sucked and
Slithered golden
Lies of

Doting on the
Hopes and dreams
Of tomorrows
And nows
And yores

I had to walk away

You stank
Of sweaty smoke
And sticky
That would
Never sleep

You wept harder
With you fingers
Down her throat

And rushed to
Fake remorse
With every drop
Of life that made
Its way down
Sodden legs

I had to walk away

Because I knew
Too much
And stayed
And stayed
And stayed

And stained

With such
Indignant solitude
That it ripped
Out of my body,
Rearing it’s sickly,
Tortured head
With such pathetic
Cries of
Injustice and
Prostitution of the soul
That I defecated
What was left of
Who I was

And ran away

I had to run away

And find a
Living soul