Love with the pain
Soak in your fears
Take up your cross
Walk through the tears

Pierce through that bubble
Of work-til-you-drop:
Subtle suppression,
Mind-numbing rot

Cut out the music,
Turn off the phone,
Stand in the present
Be there, alone

Feel every inch
Of emotions that flow
The good and the bad
The fast and the slow

Breathe in the dark
Mixed with the light
Succor the sadness
Exhale the bite

Be all that you are
With each shaky breath
Embrace all of your human,
Intuition and depth

Handle the ugly 
Which won’t set you free
Hold it with love
And acceptance to be
Awake and alive
Infantile and sore –
It’s part of your being,
Not something to ignore.

Imperfection so pure, 
So docile, yet rough –
Not meant to shame, 
Or excuse with rebuff.

We can’t pick our parts,
Can’t upgrade our clay
We can either exclude, 
Or embrace us